Painting the apartment


The most important task we had to complete this visit was to have the outside of the apartment painted.

The BBC is sustained by reality shows of people who go to Italy and other Mediterranean countries and renovate houses. Were we starting on a soap opera Italian style.  It seemed so when we ordered a new balcony in October.  When we came back in February it was almost ready but we found we had out that because the new one was different form the old one we would have to get permission form Rome. We were concerned but the builders all said that when the scaffolding was up they would do it anyway and no one would realise.

We found tradesmen that the local Sorianese recommended and got quotes. Just before we left Australia we got a message that they wanted to put the scaffolding up.  When we arrived the apartment was encased in scaffolding.  The first coat was on and htey were only waiting for us to decide on the final colour.

The only hold up was getting the balcony railing up.  As you can see from the photos it was quite a job.

Lifting the railing

Once it was up they welded it in place.

Then it only required the scaffolders to dismantle all the scaffolding and the painters to fill the holes that had attached it to the walls

Scaffolding coming down

Now we could start to see the finished product.

All we had to do now was to buy planter boxes and fill them with flowers to make the apartment more beautiful

Planter boxes on balcony

Finally the job came in right on budget with no terrible surprises except they had said to allow 6 weeks in case of rain and unforseen events and they finished 4 days after we arrived.

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